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Why hire Select GCR's SAM Registration Specialists?

Our specialists offer value to businesses by both assisting with the registration process and positioning your business as a viable option for Government contracts.


Here is some of what our experts will do for you:

  • Speed up the registration process
  • Maintain DLA and IRS compliance
  • Give you someone to answer whatever questions arise
  • Help them attain an EIN if you do not already have one
  • Register their business with DSBS & FEMA for disaster recovery while completing SAM
  • Help in determining the proper NAICS and PSC to represent your business to the Government properly for ALL opportunities
  • Provide ongoing services for additional registrations that will better position your business for opportunities, such as certifications & GSA
  • Marketing assistance – Government Resume, programs to help them find contracts and contacts, targeted marketing, education, and industry knowledge

We can also help mitigate common mistakes during the process, such as:

  • Not having enough, too many, or the wrong NAICS & PSC’s
  • Leaving important section unfilled that are crucial when presenting your business to the Government, such as no capabilities narrative or keywords
  • Information that does not match or is inconsistent