Who is the Select GCR Team?

We have a full team of professionals and experts in the Government contracting world.

Meet our team.

Contract and Grant Consultants

Our Contract and Grant Consultants are the initial friendly voice of Select GCR, here to assist you with all things contracting and grant related.

GPA - Government Procurement Advisors

Here to help marketing clients navigate the Federal contracting maze, plus access, use, and benefit from the “Select GCR Pro” program.

SAM Registration Specialists

Our Registration Specialists dot the I’s and cross the T’s when it comes to processing, completing and renewing SAM registrations.

Certification Processing Specialist

Taking state and federal registrations from the initial phase, through submission to award is what our Certification Processing Specialists do best.

Processing Specialists

Registrations, email marketing campaigns, and capabilities statements is what our processing department handles daily. They also control access to Select GCR Pro and training.

Marketing Specialists

Providing government targeted marketing plans, targeted email campaigns, phone contacts, marketing templates, and overall knowledge how to position a successful business.

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