What Is Select GCR Pro?

A proprietary program developed by Select GCR to help find Government Contracts.



Select GCR Pro is a powerful, proprietary database that delivers all available contract and contact information. You'll find thousands of local, state and national Government websites and databases. It is a unique and easy to use platform. 


This all in one program delivers the contacts you are looking for,  how to communicate with all government contacts, what to send, and how to follow through. The process of building relationships and attaining contracts is outlined in this program. Instructions on writing and submitting a bid, following up after submission, and more importantly how to differentiate your business from your competition.

Our powerhouse program produces contact information for all Government Procurement Officials, Prime Contractors, Small Business Contacts, and many more Government contacts that you would have to search hundreds of databases to find on your own. Also, contract opportunities can be searched for not only open solicitations, but federal and state solicitations as well as re-compete and sole source contracts.

The program will teach you:

  1. What to look for and what to do with it when you find it
  2. How to contact involved parties
  3. What to say, what to send, and how to follow through
  4. The process of building relationships and attaining contracts
  5. How to submit a bid & to differentiate your business to win

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