What is a UEI number?

This is the number is issued to every business registering with SAM.gov.

Now the Government assigns a Unique Entity ID (UEI) number by way of SAM.gov registration. UEI numbers are a 12-digit alphanumeric number issued to every business being registered in the SAM database. SAM.gov removed the option to enter your DUNS number from their application. The change is to remove the middleman from the process and alleviate some work on the Government’s behalf.

The old way of getting a DUNS number required you to gather documents and information to verify your business. Then submit everything and get verified

How do you know if you have a UEI number?

If you are already registered in SAM.gov and have a DUNS number, most likely you have automatically been assigned a UEI number. Here are the steps to viewing your UEI number.

How do you get a UEI number?

In order to get your UEI number if your business doesn’t already have one, you must register your business on SAM.gov. SAM is the system that assigns this number to all businesses. Registering your business on SAM.gov is called “Entity Registration”. This process allows your business to bid on contracts and apply directly for federal awards or grants. Entity registration requires more information than just your legal business name. It requires assertions, representations, certifications, and other business information.