What can Select GCR Pro do for my business

Connect to all city, county, state and Federal websites and databases to find available contracts and contacts in one convenient location.

Then with one click of the mouse you’ll have exclusive Government marketing intelligence to successfully put your business on the map.


You will have access to all Government public information with step-by-step instructions for searching, finding, and marketing to various contacts. Select GCR Pro ties in marketing options throughout the program, creating a road map and tools to help your business succeed in Government contracting.

Also, Select GCR Pro produces tailored bid opportunities based on keywords, NAICS codes, and FSC/PSC codes. These opportunities and contacts come from Federal, State, City, County and Municipal locations across the country. However, you can narrow your search based on geographic location to filter your results and find more relevant information.

  • View current and renewing Government opportunities
  • Access contact information for all parties involved (business & Government)
  • Receive personal assistance from a Government Procurement Advisor
  • Utilize email and phone script templates to communicate with potential contacts
  • Access standard Government documents such as FOIA requests and Requests for debriefing templates