What are the requirements for DBE certification?

The main requirement is that the for-profit business seeking to perform transportation related work (or a concession activity).

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certification Eligibility Requirements
  • A for-profit business that performs or seeks to perform transportation related work (or a concession activity) for a recipient of Federal Transit Administration, Federal Highway Administration, or Federal Aviation Administration funds.
  • At Least 51% owned and controlled (management and daily business operations) by a socially and economically disadvantaged individual(s). (Must be a Minority)
  • African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, Asian-Pacific, Subcontinent Asian Americans, and Women are presumed to be socially and economically disadvantaged.
  • Disadvantaged owners are U.S. Citizens or lawfully admitted permanent residents of the U.S. with a permanent resident card.
  • An individual personal net worth cannot exceed $1.32 million.
  • Meets the Small Business Administration’s size standards and does not exceed $23.98 million in gross annual receipts for DBE (excluding the owner's business and primary residence)
  • The small business must be independent of any other company.
  • Currently not a government employee