What are the benefits of 8a certification?

The main benefit from 8a certification is being one of the few who can be awarded set-aside contracts. It differentiates your business from your competition.



Other benefits include:

  • 5% of prime contracts are mandated to be awarded to an 8(a) certified business
  • Government assigned contact to mentor you through the entire 9 year program
  • Access to set-aside government procurement’s that you previously could not access or bid
  • Your organization will have access to business counseling services from your assigned government 8(a) certification officer
  • Your organization will have access to 8(a) training that will increase your awareness of he different set-aside procurement’s and avenues to maximize revenue
  • Eligible for financial assistance such as: low interest loans, grants, and other fiduciary benefits that only 8(a) certification holders have access to
  • Sole Source Awards, 8(a) Competitive Contracts, Mentor Protégé Program, Marketing, & access to the 8(a) logos to market your business

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