What are Government targeted marketing campaigns?

Utilizing Select GCR Pro, our marketing specialists find relevant contacts to your NAICS codes and introduces your company to thousands of Government contacts through the use of email marketing.


We send out emails on your behalf from your designated email account. This markets your firm to Contracting Officers and/or Prime Contractors. From our efforts, thousands of contacts will be introduced to your firm. Now they know that you are a viable option for upcoming opportunities.

After the emails are sent out, we provide analytics that show who opened the email and who clicked on your Capabilities Statement. Then we target those contacts that showed interest in your company: Targeted Marketing.

Here is how our email campaign goes:

  • Through targeted searches our market research team will locate procurement officials and/or prime contractors that have procured under your designated NAICS, PSC’s & geographic areas.
  • A formal introduction template is drafted using your company’s website, capabilities statement, and registrations. (Sent to you for final approval)
  • This template is sent to all contacts pulled introducing your firms’ capabilities and differentiators expressing your firms’ interest as a proactive, responsible vendor that would like to do business with their agency. (EM sent from chosen email address)
  • After delivery, client will receive an open rate report showing who received the email, who opened it, & who clicked on links within the email. (Follow up directions provided)

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