What are differentiators?

This is where you highlight what makes your business stand apart from your competition.

This is what makes your company unique from all the rest. It shows how that uniqueness is a strength that makes your business superior to others.

Differentiators can be written as a bulleted list or as a paragraph, whichever works best for your business.

These can be things like:

  • Microsoft & Google Certified
  • 8 Years of Culinary Training with Chef Bordeaux
  • Primary grounds maintenance contractor for the White House
  • Presented with the Best Business of 2023 award
  • White hat and highly ethical business practices

Sample paragraph:

Our company facilitated sustainable development in the State of Florida. We are the only company in the State capable of developing land at an efficient pace with quality in mind. The strength of our leadership and the devotion of our grounds crews make this company the best option for land development contracting opportunities.