How do you apply as a HUBZone small business?

The process can be cumbersome if you don’t know what you are doing. The entire process can take months to complete and you need a lot of documentation.


The hardest part is staying vigilant during the process. At any time, the SBA can reach out to ask for additional documentation or clarification. They require a response within 5 days or your entire application could be denied. Having someone there for you every second of the day to monitor your progress can be invaluable to your business.

Documentation is provided by your business to the SBA to verify your compliance with the HUBZone program requirements. Not only does your business need to be within a HUBZone map designated area, it also has to meet other eligibility requirements. The SBA looks for consistency in the information on the application, documentation supporting all claims and proper verification.

Your application will easily get denied if one thing is misplaced or mistyped. Supporting documentation must be submitted in its entirety at the time of application. The SBA may and will request additional information or documents that must be submitted within 3 days of the request or your application may be denied. If you didn’t correctly name your documents according to the SBA’s file naming convention you may also be denied. Failure to dot an I, cross a T or check a box will result in denial.

For these reasons alone, the SBA recommends getting professionals to take you through the process. The best of the best is Select GCR Pro. Not only do we process certifications, we also are experts in the world of Government contracting. Our professional consultants are on hand to coach and guide you on how to find and win contracts.

Select GCR maintains a 98% approval rating on first time application submission. We take our time completing the entire application all at once and provide all the supporting documents required to fast track your application. Our certification specialists monitor your account with the SBA for any communication and respond in an appropriate manner. You can rest easy knowing your application will be approved as quick as they can. 

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