How do I write my company bio?

Your company bio is a very important part of your Capabilities Statement. It should be a simple yet impressive representation of your business.

Writing a company bio can be extremely difficult, especially for people who aren't proficient in writing. Your business' bio should be concise and showcase the best part about your business. 

Here are a few things you should include within the bio section:

  • When the business started.
  • Who started the business.
  • Why the business was started.

Those three things are very important to give a history of your business in a short couple of sentences. 

The next few sentences of your bio should give insight on what your company is all about. You can take the rest of the paragraph in a few different directions.

  1. You could talk about your business' values and ethical standards
  2. Sell your main service with a short description of what you do
  3. Talk about a time where you excelled and exceeded expectations

You want this paragraph to be short, but not too short that you don't say enough about your business. Usually around 60 words is enough to get your point across.

Here is an example of a company bio:

Marshall Paving Inc has been delivering award winning patio designs since 2001. The founder, Derrick Marshall, began this business after his 6 year of active military duty was complete. He chose to bring his business into the federal sector in 2020 and has since procured 4 major contracts. His dedication to excellence keeps his clients satisfied.