How do I win contracts?

Being awarded a contract can be an easy process but very competitive depending on the type of contract you’re bidding on.

The best way to go about the process is to meet with the procurement agent prior to bidding on a contract. Building a relationship with the agencies and department contacts you want to do business with will ensure they remember your name when it comes time to generate proposals. Government buyers usually award contracts to businesses they know and trust.

Getting involved before bidding on contracts means a little marketing effort is required. You must do market research to find contacts for agencies and departments and introduce your business. They need to see you and your business’ capabilities. This is when you send them your Government resume or Capabilities statement. Then follow up with a phone call to set up a meeting with the buyer.

Once a Request for Proposal (RFP) is submitted on a contract, there is limited to no communication between the buyer and the contractors bidding on the contract. This is why building a relationship prior to any bidding is important. You can’t establish your viability after the request is issued.

Writing Proposals

Once a contract has been drawn up and a request for products/services is released, there will be an opportunity to bid. This is otherwise known as a Request for Proposal. It’s imperative to know this process and how to navigate it. Your proposal must be strong and competitive. It must be easily understood and concise. It must answer every question on the proposal fully and honestly.

Pre-Award Audits

There are contracts that require companies to have an accounting system that can account for both direct and indirect costs relating to the contract. Usually, agencies and departments will perform this check prior to awarding the contract. However, this can be performed at any time during the contract period. You must have an accounting system and be able to demonstrate said system prior to obtaining any costs on the contract.