How do I get started in Government contracting?

First and foremost you need an education!

The Government contracting world could be a difficult thing to master if you don’t have the right knowledge and know-how to procure contracts. Working with the United States Government is completely different than working with any other client. There are extensive laws and regulations that have been established to properly settle contractual disputes. This rule book is called the Federal Acquisition Regulations or FAR.

Despite the complexity of Government contracting, the reward is completely worth the trouble. The Government is required to award 23% of all contracting dollars to small businesses. Last fiscal year alone, the Government spent hundreds of billions of dollars with small businesses, achieving their yearly goal. This shows that small businesses have a lot of opportunities to capitalize on Government spending.

To succeed in the complex world of Government contracting, you will need an education. This guide will explain the ins, outs, and expectations of contracting. We will explain how to get started, what to do and how to maximize your efforts with greater return.