How do I find contracts?

There are websites and agencies that also list contract opportunities or you can simplify your search with Select GCR Pro.

Most small businesses search through thousands of records and still do not locate one contract that would be a good fit. Finding the right contract can seem like a needle in a haystack. This is why most businesses fail at Government contracting.

Select GCR Pro

There is a program available for all businesses registered with It is called Select GCR Pro and is Select GCR’s proprietary program. This program pulls data from every source available and displays all contracts available and all Government contacts available. It makes sourcing contracts and contacts easy. There is nothing else on the market that makes businesses successful in Government contracting.

Your company can perform searches based on your NAICS codes, keywords, locations and even specific business and agencies. It will show you all the open solicitations on a federal, state, county and city municipal levels. It gives you opportunities for re-compete and low competition contracts. You’ll be able to market your business to the heavy hitting Prime contractors, or the local SADBU agents.

For more information visit Select GCR Pro